Thinking About Renovating

Reasons for renovating your home fall into two basic categories: the first is renovating to upgrade the look, design, functionality or long term value of your home (renovating to stay). The other reason for renovating would be to upgrade the value of your home so that it might be sold for a higher price than its current value (renovating to sell). Whatever your reasons, renovating a home has plenty of surprises for the uninitiated— factors you should take into consideration when deciding whether to renovate, knockdown/rebuild or sell & buy elsewhere. Use this renovation guide to help you make an informed decision when it comes to renovating your home.

Should I stay or should I go? The biggest concern with any renovation project and first question you should ask yourself and your family: How is it going to disrupt our everyday life? Smaller renovation projects like master bedroom/ bathroom additions tend to be scaled down enough to allow the homeowner enough space to still preform day to day tasks by moving their furniture, clothes etc to an existing location in the house that is unaffected by the renovation. Other projects that are larger in size and scale can cause enough concern to relocate during the renovation process. This is especially true when kitchen and bathroom renovations are made. Without a working shower, toilet, appliances, cooking equipment and even plates and cups, it’s impossible to survive at the remodel while work is being completed. But it’s not just problems associated with space. A huge concern many homeowners have about staying at the premises during the remodel is quality of life. The daily activities of a construction crew often begin first thing in the morning and last until dusk, upsetting the balance of family life with sounds, smells, vibrations and other distractions that some people can find tough to tolerate for an extended period of time. Renovating to Sell If you’re in the renovation game to get a quick turnaround on your property for an increased sale price, then performing budget friendly renovations that are quick and easy is probably what you have in mind for your renovation. But before you pick colours and design options that are your favourite; consider choosing neutral colours and materials that suit the general public’s tastes. A suitable investment renovation scenario for the home’s exterior would be to repair the existing structures integrity and increase curb appeal with paint, cladding or roofing materials. Avoid over indulging in extravagant additions that will over capitalise. An efficient indoor remodelling strategy would be to remove and replace old fixtures and fittings with new modern ones. Trim work, new paint and built in shelving are all perfect renovation projects that increase the homes buyer appeal while being cost effective enough to get a quick and easy return on the initial investment. Renovating to keep When you’ve had enough of your homes old look and feel, but don’t want to leave the property, renovating to update its look is a satisfying and cost effective way to get a new home—without actually getting one.When you are planning to stay in your home long term you can afford to indulge in design elements that suit your personal tastes. A primary advantage in renovating to stay can be adapting a home you are already emotionally attached to, so that its design and functionality suit the changes in your family and lifestyle e.g. making more living space, enlarging the kitchen, adding bedrooms, adding a granny flat or adding a pool etc.

You would only be renovating to stay if you love your home and the area you live in, by renovating you can keep all the things you love about your home and change all the things you don’t. text compliments

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